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Social Media Automation Framework of
Social Media | Automation Framework | Video 2 of 8 Watch The Video Here Listen To The Podcast Here Hey, how’s it going everyone? Brad Smith here with automation links. Today I want to talk about social media and the exact steps that you should be taking and the exact framework that we’re taking for our business when it comes to social media, so what are you doing for your social media strategy? Do you
Automation Framework Website Landing Page Video of
Automation Framework | Website Landing Page | Video 1 of 8 Watch The Video Here Listen To The Podcast Here Hey there, my name’s Brad Smith, owner of automation links, and today is blog number one of our eight-part series about our automation framework. Now when talking about the automation framework, we’re going to tell you the exact strategies we’re taking for our business, what we’re doing online to build better relationships and what is
Should you turn down a potential customer
Should You Turn Down A Potential Customer? Watch The Video Here Listen To The Podcast Here Hey, what’s up guys, I hope you’re having a great day today. I hope this video finds you well. I’m, I just want to go over something that happened to me this week. Want to encourage you guys for your business, should you turn down potential customers and where does this actually come up? And, uh, why should you
How AutomationLinks Works For Your Business
How Automation Works For Your Business (Simple To Use!) Watch The Video Here Listen To The Podcast Here Hey, how’s it going everyone? Brad Smith here. Automation links. I want to talk about black Friday. We are about three weeks out and most of the time actually up until this year, I have not been prepared and you probably feel the same way. You know that black Friday is one of the best things that
Where you should advertise your e commerce business
Advertise Your E-commerce Business (4 simple tips) It’s time to start getting traffic and sales to your e-commerce store. You’ve done a lot of the work finding the best products, exploring our recommendations on E-comHunt and have successfully set-up a store. Now what? Your next step is determining where your ideal customers are, where they spend most of their time and what will catch their attention. As an example, consider your customers are between the
Benefits of having an Abandon Cart easy to setup
Benefits of having an Abandon Cart (easy to setup) When it comes to e-commerce you’re looking for new customers, repeat customers and increase your revenue from your website. The majority of business owners put all of their focus towards trying to gain new customers to come to their website and shop. Many miss the mark on some other tactics to increase revenue which are actually fairly easy to set up. What Is Abandon Cart? You can
How AutomationLinks Works For Your Business
How Automation Works For Your Business (Simple To Use!) Watch The Video Here Listen To The Podcast Here Hey there, my name is Brad Smith and today I want to talk about how you can use automation for your business. For our website, we’ve been using automation in every aspect of our website, our social media channels, and any marketing that we do. Now, when I talk about automation, it means just simple ways to
Should I use SEO or PPC for my E commerce Business
Should I use SEO or PPC for my E-commerce Business? In case you didn’t know, SEO for an E-commerce store is a complicated task since there are so many products online. The ultimate goal is to rank on the first page of search engines but it’s almost impossible to rank each product page well. However, there are different strategies for different E-commerce businesses and you have to implement each strategy effectively to become successful. First
A Step Facebook Messenger Guide That ANYONE Can Follow
A 5-Step Facebook Messenger Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow) Listen To The Podcast Version Messenger bots are irresistible, and Facebook is one of the key players in messaging services: it’s working hard to make the messaging experience between chatbots and customers more seamless. And how can you resist stats like these: The average open rate is 98% — compare this with your floundering email open rates! 55% of consumers use messaging apps to help them solve
The Word of Mouth Referral Machine – Webinar By Brad Smith
The Word of Mouth Referral Machine – Webinar By Brad Smith 00:00 Ads, marketing, landing pages, funnels, there’s just so much out there for us business owners! Hey there, my name’s Brad Smith, and if you feel the same way, stick with me until the end. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I’ve tried them all. Yes, some of them provide short term results, but if you want long-term results, it’s about creating real relationships
Client Communication Survey Results Business Owners
Client Communication Survey Results – 3,000+ Business Owners In this blog, video and podcast Brad Smith shares his survey results from over 3,000 business owners about client communication. Are you focused on how YOU want to communicate with your clients or are you allowing them to communicate the way they want to? Listen To The Podcast! We surveyed over 3,000 business owners and will continue gathering user feedback for this blog so we can update
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Lead Generation Techniques You Need To Try With the massive changes happening in the marketing industry today, it’s fair to assume that the practice of lead generation has also evolved—from traditional “outbound” methods like cold-calling and print and TV advertising, there’s been a marked shift to more “inbound” strategies like content marketing and SEO. The “inbound or outbound” question has been a hot topic among companies for the past few years. Some swear by the
E commerce Customer Retention Strategies
E-commerce Customer Retention Strategies So you are doing well with your E-commerce business. You have many happy customers. Surely it means successful business with satisfied clients who love to keep coming back to your store every time they want to shop. Most of the businesses begin with the uphill battle of appealing new customers towards the store to make their first purchase. However, in the process of building up an e-commerce business, most business owners
Whats the best CRM for a start up eCommerce business
CRM is a shorthand for Customer Relationship Management. For the purpose of improving business relationships, the businesses adopt practices, strategies and technology to manage and analyze customer interactions which will be profitable in terms of customer retention and driving sales growth. In any type business it’s essential to do follow ups with all clients by sending them regular emails, texts and social media posts about recent upgrades, new feature additions, abandon cart emails and even if you
Customer Onboarding Email Template AL
Customer Onboarding Email Template Customer Onboarding Email Template – In this blog, podcast and video Brad Smith shares his tips for creating an awesome customer onboarding campaign. Use these emails to not only introduce yourself but to also provide value, help, build better relationships and of course ask for the sale! Welcome Email Template For New Customers I’ve put together a template checklist you can use for your email onboarding drip funnel. Make sure to